About Ghali Alaoui

Before founding Luxury Real Estate Marrakech, Ghali Alaoui has built a long-term experience in the financial markets and banking industry internationally and nationally.

Due to his close and intimate relations with the most affluent owners, his agency benefits from a portfolio of exceptional and exclusive properties in Marrakech.

Thanks to this preponderant network based on trust and confidentiality, Ghali Alaoui has the privilege to have access to off-market properties that are acquirable only through closed circles.

Ghali Alaoui and his team look forward to offering you all their expertise and undisputable knowledge of the market in order to help you identify the most appropriate property for your needs and make sure it’s a sound and secure investment.

Expect nothing less than around-the-clock communication, as well as a personalized and professional relationship. We guarantee a full respect of your privacy when handling your transactions, while defending your interests with the utmost integrity.

Luxury Real Estate Marrakech has established itself as an incontestable leading agency in the niche market of the high-end exclusive properties in Marrakech.

Ghali Alaoui is internationally recognized as one of the most emblematic figures in luxury real estate in Marrakech. Beneficiating from his wide international network, he has repeatedly broken sales records and managed high profile real estate transactions for personalities and celebrities from all over the world.

Ghali Alaoui is passionate about a high-quality lifestyle and genuine human personal relationships, which enhances every step of the experience, and makes it appreciable and more enjoyable for everyone.

Who we are...

Luxury Real Estate Marrakech is a real estate agency specialized in luxury properties. Based in Marrakech since 2010, our agency puts at your disposal all its expertise in order to assist you in the process of buying, selling and managing properties.

Due to our proximity and direct contact with the properties’ owners, we guaranty that our selection of estates is in accordance with international standards: including the quality of the construction, the financial solvency, and the sound administrative procedures in compliance with the Moroccan regulations.

A tailor-made service for turnkey delivery. Our agency provides its expertise to support you in all the steps of your acquisition:

  • Identification of the appropriate estate
  • Estimation and comparative on-site visits of the selected properties
  • Full assistance in terms of banking, legal and administrative procedures

Our clients benefit from a network of experts (notary, lawyer, financial advisor, chartered accountant…) each one of them well-known in the market for their notoriety.

From the phase of the targeted research, to the moment you are comfortably settled down in your living room, we accompany you in all transparency in the best conditions.

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